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Beyond the basic email task, Microsoft Outlook offers a range of unique services such as a unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, filter, etc. to help people in streamlining their communication. It is specifically preferred by the businesses because of its rich functionality and advanced tools. But for the last few days, the email service has been in the limelight because of the current issues with sending email messages.

Though the issue has been addressed to some extent through some updates, however, there are some users who are still facing the same issue. The developer has suggested approaching Microsoft Outlook support page or the official twitter handle for any additional assistance.

A widespread outrage over the irritating issue:   

With the recent outrage among Outlook users for a sudden issue with the email services, Microsoft has given another update to deal with the technical problem, affecting email services across the world.

According to a website, about 61 percent of the total number of Outlook users started experiencing the issue at once and most of them were facing errors with login and sending messages, while on the other hand, about 35 percent users were reported to have common issues with Microsoft Outlook email services.

When the users took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to report their outrage, Microsoft officials started working out on the issue and it came out with an effective solution within the 24 hours when the issue was first reported on the official Microsoft Twitter account. However, a majority of users are still experiencing an issue with the email services even after the updates rolled out by Microsoft.

Microsoft’s solution to the annoying issue:

On the mass outrage, Microsoft Service Health website says on latest Outlook issue: “We’re continuing to investigate network routes between subcomponents of the outlook.com service to determine the source of the issue and to identify our next troubleshooting steps.”

In a series of updates, Microsoft has done a great job in a short while. But it appears not to have a permanent solution by now. In accordance with the Microsoft officials, the issue has erupted not because of any particular reason and this is the reason why it cannot be fixed independently. However, the official technicians suggest approaching Microsoft help for more details and help on the issue.

What you need to do if you are still facing the issue:

As Microsoft outlines, the latest updates would not be helping all the users. There are still a large number of Outlook users who are experiencing the same issue. If you are one of them and you are not able to avail of the email services as before, then you would better follow the suggestion recommended by the Microsoft officials.

Visit the official Microsoft customer support page to ask the technicians for a reliable technical solution. Alternatively, you may also rely on some independent technicians if you are unable to access the official helpdesk. Sometimes, you come through the issue also because of some specific reasons that have developed on your Windows computer system. In such conditions, you can resolve the issue by approaching a right technician—either from the official helpdesk or from an independent tech support center.

Choose a certified professional and discuss the issue and its symptoms in detail. Though Microsoft is already working out on the issue and it is supposed to bring in a sustainable solution very soon, however you may look for a temporary solution to the issue.

Lastly, you should keep visiting the official Microsoft page so as to check if Microsoft has introduced any new update for the issue.

External Link: https://goo.gl/hXGrfx | http://bit.ly/2ys18SH | http://bit.do/dMBJs | http://tinyurl.com/yaakww8v | http://ow.ly/zteU30fshGV

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